Paul Hudert, also known as Paolo Garbanzo, has performed for crowds all over the US and Europe. He’s been a member The Flying Karamazov Brothers, earned the Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Juggling Association, and performs his shows in three languages.  In 2007 he won the International Jester Competition, making him an official Jester of Muncaster Castle in England, and the first American in history to be an official Jester of an English castle. Committed to comedy, skills, and his audience, he continues to grow as a performer and producer.

Paul’s professional career started back in college. For six years Paul was the director of The Garbanzo Brothers, a comedy juggling troupe based in Richmond, Virginia. The Garbanzo Brothers traveled up and down the East Coast, performing at such venues as Hershey Park, The Kennedy Center, Baltimore Inner Harbor, and many other events and festivals.

Upon moving to the West Coast in 2001, Paul joined world famous buskers and performers at San Francisco’s famous Pier 39. Now, Paul performs his successful renaissance and cabaret shows across the United States most of the year, with summers spent touring his act in England, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, and Italy. In addition, in 2015, RenAdventures excursion tour company was launched by Paul with Carl Asch, taking people across Europe to experience history, food, and culture through the unique lens of internationally traveling performers (RenAdventures)

In 2002, Paul started The Accidental Circus, a pioneering sideshow comedy burlesque revue that performed across the US for ten years.

In the winter of 2003 Paul traveled to Turin, Italy for 6 months to teach juggling and comedy at La Scuola di Formazione Arti Circensi, the school for the formation of circus arts, at the Royal Gymnastics Academy in Torino, or “FLIC” as it is called.

Since 2005 Paul has performed with Carl Asch in “The Oops! Comedy Knife Throwing Show”, a show full of laughs, amazing feats, and enduring popularity.

In June 2007, Paul won the International Jester Competition at Muncaster Castle, England. Paul is an official Fool of Muncaster (and Honorary Fool of England). He is also the only American to ever be Jester of a England castle. Visit the official site to the castle here:

Always striving, In 2010, Paul developed the infamous and popular ‘Mousetrap Show’, an ensemble comedy act incorporating storytelling, combat juggling and over 400 mousetraps. In 2012, Paul formed The Fools of Fortune, a high-skill ensemble juggling show with amazing technical feats and comedy.

RenAdventures excursion tour company was launched in 2015 by Paul with Carl Asch, taking people to locations across Europe for unforgettable adventures in culture and camaraderie.

Paolo continues to perform across the United States and internationally, connecting with audiences through smart comedy, artistry, and dazzling physical skills.

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